Drupal CMS web development

We build functional websites using the Drupal content management system

We design and develop websites for NZ small businesses and organisations using the open source Drupal content management system.

A content managed website lets the site owners or users upload content directly.

Drupal can be extended by hundreds of contributed modules that can provide the following functionality:

  • Event calendars and registration
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs & News
  • Audio/Video/Image handling
  • Twitter/Facebook/Social media integration
  • Online map integration 

Why Drupal?

There are many reasons why Drupal is a good choice for many applications:

Free open source software
You don't have to pay a license fee to use the software. Updates to the software are available free, and there are continuous improvements. Drupal runs on the open source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) configuration that hosts 90% of the web.

Large development community
Drupal has an active developer community at both the small business and enterprise level. Improvements made to the software  on large projects are fed back into the project to benefit the wider community. Going with an established package means that developers will always be available. No vendor lockin.   

Modular & Fexible
Drupal can be extended to create content rich and unique websites. If there is a need, the chances are someone has already developed a module that meets it.

Drupal powers some of the larger sites on the web, but also thousands of small business and personal sites.