Email marketing and newsletters

Compelling HTML email direct marketing and newsletters

We can work with you to create compelling direct marketing emails and newsletters to communicate with and inform your customers.

It's important to integrate your marketing messages with your overall web content strategy.

All solutions:

  • Custom designed templates that look good across multiple email programs, and degrade gracefully to plain text
  • Integrate with analytics to track the success of your campaign
  • Offer easy subscription management and bulk import and export od subscriber lists
  • Comply with NZ anti-spam laws

We recommend one of two different tools depending on the client's need.

Campaign Monitor - web based email marketing

Web based tool Campaign Monitor is a powerful yet easy to use email marketing solution.

  • No ongoing fees, you pay only a small amount for the email you send.
  • Template based or one-off HTML emails allow for an excellent user experience.
  • Powerful built-in analytics, plus integration with Google Analytics tracking.
  • Whitelisted servers, and best practices ensure your message has the best chance of getting through spam filters.

Simplenews - Drupal email marketing integration

  • No fees to send mail
  • Create your messages directly within your website
  • Previous issues automatically archived
  • Integrate your subscriber database with your website membership